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How Long Oh Lord? & Power? Power ? Power?

  How long oh Lord will you withhold the rain?  How long Oh Lord will you look upon their pain?  How long Oh Lord until you reveal Your Hand?  How long Oh Lord until you visit our Land?  How long Oh Lord will you turn your away your ear?  How long Oh lord will you allow them to wander in fear?  We need you Lord to send the rain  We need you Lord to heal our pain   We need you Lord to reveal Your Hand  We need you Lord IN our Land We need you Lord to bend down your ear  We need you Lord to set us free from fear  The forces of darkness and the wicked of the night  Come against your young ones, and force them to fight  They sneak into the sleeping sacks of your sons and daughters  To poison thier hearts , and turn them against thier Father  Forces, far above, those tortured on the ground Laugh as they hear the screams, of those they have bound Your enemies mock, and destroy all that is holy and pure  They fear no retribution , they feel safe ad secure   Millions have passed on, and s

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