A Timely Dream?

To the right here is,obviously, a book cover. It is a book that I highly recommend, although I have not had a chance to read the whole book. You can click on the picture if you would like to order a copy.

I am not posting today in order to sell Bucks book. It would be great if he did start getting orders from all over the world, he is a great man,Evangelist and a faithful servant of Christ, but my post focuses on the cover.

Before my son ever saw this book, and I think before the book came out, my son had a dream. It was a prophetic dream, and one that stuck in my spirit. I know some of you that have read my last couple of post may be wondering why I have included my youngest son in them. My answer is: I do not know. However I do believe I am being led by The Spirit.

So here is the dream. I will repeat it the best way I can, trying to stick with what he said. This is how he told me the dream:

" We were all sitting in the drive-way at Grandmas talking about the World War that was going on. I was telling everyone that I saw a news report that a country had developed a new weapon. I was then suddenly in space looking at The Earth(See book cover). There was a big flash above the earth and then a big flash below the earth(again see book cover). Then I was pulled out of my body, like my spirit was yanked from my body. Instantly I was walking with my friends and we were had bears on leashes."

As I am posting this I am reminded of another dream I had. Possibly that will be the next post. I ask you all to pray for North Korea and Myra-mar. If you did not read my post a couple weeks ago, please scroll down to find it. It was posted before Kim Jong Il died. Pray for the people.

Those interested in prophetic poetry that have not read some of the things The Lord has graciously allowed me to pen, can also scroll down, you may have to click "More Post" to see them. Or click here. :) 

God Bless!!! See you in The New Year!!!!!


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