The picture to the left is a project my son is working on for school. As soon as I saw it my spirit man was moved, it spoke so much to me. 

He would say it isn't finished yet, that it isn't that good,however I see it as a perfect illustration, yes possibly even a prophetic illustration of the world now and the one we will see very soon. 

I want you to pray a bit right now, touch Gods heart in prayer and then look at this picture.

So many people all across this globe are clinging unto a fading hope. They are crossing a crumbling bridge to an unknown destination that they hope will bring them comfort and stability. But even that hope, even the god given desire to hold onto hope, is beginning to fade in every area of man. 

In many nations where there is no real tangible governments or necessities, there seems to be more hope, than in nations that it would appear have every financial and material reason to remain hanging unto hope. There seems to be more smiling and happy children running the streets, in the poorest parts of the world, than in nations where children have all they need or want. 

Still, everywhere we look there is something or somebody pushing themselves or a product as the reason to hang unto hope. All have failed, and all will fail. This world, in and of itself, has no hope. We are spiraling toward a fiery end, and a final battle, and there is nothing that will stop that.

But this is The Good News, This is The Gospel! There is HOPE!!! 

In the first verse of the eleventh chapter of Hebrews it says; (Header Added)

Hebrews 11:1 


By Faith We Understand

 1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I have a saying that I tag on emails sometimes that says;
"You can have hope without faith, but you can not have faith without hope"

I want you to read that again:
 "You can have hope without faith, but you can not have faith without hope

It is no wonder why HOPE is under such attack, not only in the world but also in The Church. Remember as you go through your day and life, that you are an ambassador of The Good News. You carry the news, the HOPE the world is looking for. 

Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. He is The Hope of the salvation that the lost are seeking in material things and man. He is the peace they seek, the stability they long for, and again, the Hope they desperately need.

Don't worry about what this denomination does or that one teaches. You be a living, breathing testimony for Jesus and the love He so longs to show The World. Be an example to those losing hope, allow The Holy Spirit to reach through you and give them, what they have been drawn by Him to seek. The Hope of Salvation!!! Jesus Christ!!! Our LORD!


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