The Will Of The LORD

The Army Of God!

Power from The Throne always comes!
Where The Will Of The LORD is being done!

The New Citadel of The LORD, will now arise!
And The World will see His Glory, with their own eyes!

The LORD OF HOSTS, has sent forth his legions!
To Minister,Protect and Provide, for The Heirs Of Salvation!

The Bride Of Christ

The Bride Of Christ,
Under The Cover of Her Groom!
The way before Her,
Illuminated Bright, even as darkness looms!

No enemy would dare,
Step in front of Her Procession!
For Her Grooms Warring Angels know,
That She is their Commanders Precious Possession!

And as Her Groom, walked this earth,
In His Fathers Perfect Will!
She to will walk this Earth,
Which, Her Grooms Glory, will Fill!

Just as He has Promised,
Upon Her a Great Light will Shine!
Just before Her Groom calls Her up,
And She Meets Him In The Sky!


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