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The Last Days- Prophecy- Prayer - Providence- Purpose

My heart had a familiar cry today. One that I have tucked away, buried, let dry out and ignored. I wrote a poem today expressing how I was feeling. There are things in this life that are not easily explained. Those explanations are even more difficult to express when trying to explain Spiritual Things in a Natural World. Those explanations become almost impossible to utter when trying to explain spiritual things, to people who should understand spiritual things, yet don't seem to understand them any better than those without The Spirit Of Truth.
 I don't say that to put anyone down, or lift myself up. It is just a truth that I have lived for many years. It isn't about who is more spiritual or is closer to God. Trust me, I do not place myself in any high seat of spirituality or knowledge. There are times I wish I didn't know what I know and don't see what I see. I think sometimes it must be easier to not know any better. I mean there are whole Christian Movements t…

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