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Rebuilding Confidence - The Path of Discipleship

A few weeks ago I had some extra time at the end of my work day so I decided to watch a few training videos about leading difficult people, building confidence in people and convincing others to follow your lead that you do not have any authority over in a team environment.
The segment that stuck with me, and that The Lord really stirred me to take notes on was: Levels of Confidence.
As I listened to the speaker teach it was very clear that what he was laying out was not only a template to train employees, but unknown to him I imagine, the way The Lord raises up His people and trains up His leaders.
Even deeper for me, I saw a path to freedom for those struggling with addiction, obsessions, abandonment, pain, the list could go on and on. I saw a safe road, escorted by loving and mature believers , where many people could be led safely to freedom
What I was seeing is The Path of Discipleship. What I was seeing is what is demonstrated in The life of Moses, Joseph, Paul, Peter, Mark, Ti…

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