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Mankind Is Looking For A Safe Place

I want to start this post by saying that this message is so deep within  my heart right now. It comes from a place where deep roots run. I know there is no way I can express the anointing and sense of importance that is pressing on my spirit. This is Part 1. A message to The Body of Christ. Part 2......stay tuned!

 In the heart of every angry person, every lonely person, every person in fear, in depression, in anxiety, in addiction is a longing for true love and a place of safety. Mankind will risk pain,disease and death to travel great and treacherous distances to another country to seek out that place of safety they so desire.

 Even the strongest man , has in his heart , a young boy looking for a safe place. In the soul of every woman, no matter how virtuous, or risque she may seem , is a little girl longing for a safe place in a loving fathers arms.

They may be blinded to it. They may have buried it and covered it with so many things, but the  light of Gods Creative Power still ab…

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