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Personal Post

I know not many people read my blog, and that is okay. I write my post and I believe that The Lord will lead people to receive from it that need it. If no one ever read it,  I would still post the things I feel led to post.
 This post is different. I am posting this as if a million people will read it across many nations, tongues and tribes. I have heard many Pastors talk about how when they first started they preached and taught as if there were a sanctuary full of people in front of them, even though there were just a few, or even none. That is how I am writing this post, as if it were the most important message in the world right now, as if the multitudes were tuning in to hear what The Lord wants to say. 
 My heart is full. In the spirit of my mind I am already traveling the globe with a message of healing and deliverance. In my spirit I am already bringing a word from The Lord into areas of the world where He sends me. I am part of a Ministry and Evangelism Team that speaks only…

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