The Power Of The Christ!

The Redemptive Plan of The LORD!
The Eternal Attributes of His WORD!

Not bound by Time or Space
All Eternity! Before His Face!

All forces Seen & Unseen!
Bound to The Destiny of The Redeemed!

He Is Lord of All! Alone He Reigns!
He Is God Almighty! All Authority is In His Name!

Beneath His Feet! The Earth Quakes!
Before His Presences Demons Shakes!

The Elements Obey His Commands!
At His Will, His Children Seize The Land!

The Battle, Behind The Curtain!
Has Raged, since The Ancient Creation!

But, Of The Christ, it was Foretold!
That, All Authority He Would Hold! 

Satans Head, He Crushed, His Power Disarmed!
The Christ Cried Out, It Shook The Ground!

It Is Finished!
Lucifers Power Banished!

The Christ Risen!
His People Filled by Him!

To Enforce His Rule On Earth!
To Preach The  New Birth!

To Demonstrate His Glory!
To Live in Kingdom Authority!
Until Time Meets Eternity!

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