In Search of Paul

Where are those who care only for Christ!
Who tear their clothes, at the thought of their name in lights!

Oh, for the spirit of Paul, upon leaders everywhere!
Who for The Gospel of Christ, lay their lives bare!

The Living Christ!  Performing His Ministry!
No mans name, receiving Glory on a Marquis! 

Men who wield The Sword of His Power!
Who declare His Name alone, from The Highest Tower!!

The Glory of Christ! Overcoming The Fall!!
Demonstrating The Kingdom of God to All !!

When will the hirelings, give all for His Bride
When will they sell the golden gates, behind which they hide! 

When will they cry, for His suffering Children!
When will they send help to their Brethren!

When will souls, be worth more than Gold!
When will wealth & fame, mean less than children being sold! 

Yield, Oh Men! Yield To Your King!!
Yield, Oh Men! Yield To Your King!!

For He is Coming In Power! To Recieve What Is His!
He is Coming With Strength! To Take Back What Is His! 

Fear The Lord
Honor God
Bow To Your King!!!!

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