The Hope Of Mankind

The only hope for mankind is The Gospel.  The active and powerful Good News of salvation and Jesus working with us performing accompanying signs and confirming wonders. 

Jesus ministry is summed up for us all in this one verse. "God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit power and He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil".

This Gospel is the only answer, the only hope and the only salvation for man. All other endeavors fall short , good deeds are powerless to confront the darkness that is enveloping the hearts and minds of men. No social good work can heal the festering infection that is killing, stealing and destroying all good it touches. 

No religious man can face the evil one alone and stand. No great orator can declare upon the earth what is needed to muzzle the myriad of filthy, lying, demonic voices that are swaying men and women to stiffen the necks, commit evil and cause blood shed with no repentance or remorse. 

Only His voice, His words and His  works empowered by His Spirit, declared and done in His name with accompanying and signs and wonders is sufficient answer all these things and His  message is the only hope for mankind.        






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