The Bar and The Church

When we walk in the spirit we see things a bit differently than most people. I found myself in a bar last night night, no I have not back-slidden, I was there with family to watch my wife's Grandfather sing a song. He is in town from Florida and loves to Karaoke.

This particular bar was right down the street from the restaurant we went out to eat at in Solvay, NY.  As I stood there I could sense a spirit there, almost  watching me, not really trying to tempt me, but just hovering around wondering what I was doing there.

As I stood there I could also hear The Lord begin to speak to my heart about that place and places like it. He began to show me things about the people there, the people who have been there and many of the people who frequent bars.

I understand what He showed me doesn't fit everyone, and I am in no way judging anyone for going to a bar. However I do feel led to share what He spoke to my heart.

He began to show me this place and the church. He began to show me how many come to the bars to refresh themselves in a way. Many at the end of the week go there to shake off the pressures of life, relax, have a few drinks to relax, maybe get a little drunk and have fun.

I saw the Church as well. Those of us who know what it is like to be filled with The Spirit and sense the anointing know how refreshing it is and how The Holy Spirit comforts us and strengthens us at the end of a tough week.

He again showed me how many seek this type of thing at bars. However He then began to show me the dark side of it. He spoke to me these words:

How many have walked in here during a dry season of their marriage, whether it be a dry season sexually, emotionally, seasons all marriages will face from time to time, and destroyed their marriage in this place. How many families have been broken because a man our women sought an escape in this place.

How many lives ruined, destinies changed, and even  lives ended leaving places like this. All because they sought comfort in a place that offered a temporary comfort in the wrong place.

I am now writing from my spirit man. I see again The Church and what she is meant to be to a hurting and thirsty world. Think about some of the things Jesus said and what is said in The Word about The Lord and The Church:

"Come unto me all you who are burden, feeling the worlds pressures and feel the weight of sin and life and I will give you rest, for my burden is light and my yoke is easy."

"All who drinks of the my well will never thirst again"

"Cast all your care upon The Lord"

Throughout The Gospels and The Book of ACTS we see a demonstration of what The Church is supposed to be demonstrating to The World. A place of healing,comfort,safety and refuge.

We are to be a place, where those who The Lord draws, can come and experience His very real presence and be touched by His Holy Spirit as He continues to save, heal and set those in bondage free.

Believers should be coming,expecting The Lord to continue His ministry to them, and through them, to those He draws. Married couples who are in one of those dry seasons can come and be filled with joy and contentment in His presence and learn to love each other unconditionally, no matter if, for a time, "their needs" are not being "met".

The Church is supposed to be a place full of life and power, love and strength. The Word should be preached and taught by those who believe it and expect it to be Alive and Actively powerful, full of ability and strength, able to divide between the soul and spirit and show each person the true intents of their own hearts so God can heal and instruct them in His ways.

What does this all have to do with the few moments I spent in that little bar?? I am not sure, but The Lord will speak to somebody through this, maybe save a marriage, a family, a life. Or just use it to introduce somebody to Himself and draw them to himself.

We have a responsibility to make sure that His House stays, or in some places, returns to being a place of salvation, healing, deliverance and a place where Heaven invades Earth!!! 

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