Words of Power!

The gift of creative speech was only given to man. Our words have power. Every war was started by the words of man. Every life path whether good or bad was strongly influenced by the words spoken over that person. All teaching comes through words spoken, written or demonstrated. Creative words or destructive words are what shape lives, families, cities and nations.

Take that into account when you think about the awe inspiring gift that Christ bestowed upon us as The WORD of God made flesh. He gave all who accept Him and are washed by His Blood open access to The Throne of God. A redeemed man or woman can use their Words to stand before Gods throne, receive Gods Will in Heaven and then speak it into The Earth.

We have been given the commission to use words to preach The Gospel to every creature. We have been commanded to ask, expecting to receive. We have been drafted into an army that uses His WORD, spoken and declared by our mouths(our words) to expose, decimate the Kingdom of Darkness, by declaring Freedom to The Captives and Telling them The Kingdom of Heaven has come!!!!

Speak His WORD! Pray His WORD!! See His WORD manifest His GLORY!

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