Today Is The Day

This post is a little different than I usually post on here. It started as a personal note to myself.

However, I just have a sense that it will bless others as well. I believe that there are many others at the cross roads of decision.

I believe many ministries and ministers are at this cross roads. To radically forge ahead. Or not.

Today Is The Day.

We answer to The Lord and The Lord alone for our obedience to His Call. One thing I learned after the incident the other night, is that even those you have prayed with and labored for, can not give you an answer that will trump your obedience.

That episode, although was not life threatening, mimicked the last moments of life for many that have passed on in similar ways, taken in a moment.

Even the words, that I fought using, as I was gripped by fear and did not want to tell my wife that something was seriously wrong, burned into my heart. I have heard so many times that the last words of a man to his wife were "honey something is wrong", right before they collapsed and died. I tear up even now remembering those words coming out of my mouth, right before I collapsed to the ground and laid there unconscious.

Thanks be to God that what happened only mimicked the worst and was just a culmination of something that has been building, non life threatening, for quite some time.

I share this with you, not to illicit an emotional response for me, however I pray that it is causing the reader to have an emotional response, that will lead to a response of obedience, in any area of disobedience they may be walking in and putting off for another day.

That day may never come if you don't decide: Today is That Day.

You may find yourself launching in obedience alone, with no one giving a word of encouragement or offering a word of prayer. Those that you once labored with and for may seem to have abandoned you. But be faithful to the call.

As I sit here at work, on Christmas morning, instead of with my family, I had a revelation that I am in this situation not because of anyone else, not because of some mysterious plan God has to test me until I break.

But because, after many warnings and exhortations, I looked to man to confirm, and make a way , for the call on my life, instead of trusting God and God alone.

I realize that my bitterness and anger toward those around me, fully lies within me, and that they are at no fault for it.

I realize that, although I do not believe the same way about how leaders are chosen and trained for FT ministry, as most of the western church does, what they do or do not do, will have no place, when I stand and answer for what I did with the precious gifts and grace, The Lord gave me for His Body.

The Lord has highlighted to me three men and their ministries. I will not use their names because I did not ask. What these three men have in common is that they followed the call on their heart, they did not wait for any man to tell them to "go", they went when The Lord told them to "go". From what I have observed, they would have obeyed no matter what any man said.Today is the day to obey.

You have to decide, I have to decide, that today is the day.

Choose This Day!!!!!!!!


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