Move In The Compassion Of Christ-- Day 37

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Move In The Compassion Of Christ 

As we pray with passion and grow close to the heart of The Lord, we are in a better place to move in The Compassion of The Lord.

I am not talking about a natural compassion that any person saved or unsaved can be moved by, but a supernatural compassion that can only come from The Heart of God.

This is a Compassion only born out of close deep fellowship with The Lord. It isn't pity, it isn't feeling bad, it is being stirred at your core being by a need that only God can meet. It is entering into the pain and suffering of another and allowing the Love of Christ to flow freely and powerfully.

It can not be stirred up as an emotion. It can only be acted upon in faith as it springs up from within you.

I want to state again, only a deep,dedicated,sincere and close walk with The Lord will produce this type of compassion. Your heart must know His heart for the hurting.

I want to share a story I read about John G Lake. This will demonstrate how this Compassion is powerful and straight from The Heart of The Lord.

From "The Name of Jesus" by Kenneth E. Hagin

John G. Lake, a mighty apostle of God, went to South Africa around the turn of the century. In 5 years he built 500 churches there. 

The wife of one of the government leaders was at the point of death with terminal cancer. Knowing that Lake taught divine healing, he asked him to come and pray. 

Because of the great pain the woman was taking pain relieving drugs. But she made the decision to stop. She said, "I am going to throw myself over completely on the mercy of God.I am not even going to take anything for pain."

Lake said,"If that is your stand,and that is your faith, we will stand with you."

He and some other ministers stayed by her bedside praying 24 hours a day. The only way she could get any rest was for them to pray until she fell off to sleep.

One morning Lake went home to bathe and change clothes. On his way back within two blocks of the house he heard her screaming in agony. He rushed back to the house. He stated that,as he ran, compassion overtook him. He rushed into the house, rushed up to the bed, and without thinking he picked up the woman's emaciated body, and held her in his arms as he sat on the bed and wept in compassion.

While he was weeping, she was completely healed- every symptom of terminal cancer left.

Hagin goes on to write:

I've noticed in my own ministry that when I can yield to The Spirit of God and allow the Compassion of Jesus to well up in me, and flow out of me, greater healings take place.

We Have His Name
We Have His Authority
We Have His Compassion
As He is,So are we in this world!!!


1 John 4:17 

King James Version (KJV)

17 Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.



1 John 4:17

Amplified Bible (AMP)

17 In this [union and communion with Him] love is brought to completion and attains perfection with us, that we may have confidence for the day of judgment [with assurance and boldness to face Him], because as He is, so are we in this world.

Below there are just a few specific examples of this type of MIRACLE WORKING COMPASSION from The Word.

Notice Only when explaining the compassion of Jesus was this particular word for compassion used.

Even in the parables, the compassion represents that of Christ!!

I made a link to the Lexicon. 

From Blue Letter Bible: Click below

1) to be moved as to one's bowels, hence to be moved with compassion, have compassion (for the bowels were thought to be the seat of love and pity)

Mat 9:36But 1161 when he saw 1492 the multitudes 3793, he was moved with compassion4697 on 4012 them 846, because 3754 they fainted 22581590 , and 2532 were scattered abroad 4496 , as 5616 sheep 4263having 2192 no 3361 shepherd 4166.
Mat 14:14And 2532 Jesus 2424 went forth 1831 , and saw 1492 a great 4183multitude 3793, and 2532 was moved with compassion4697 toward1909 them 846, and 2532 he healed 2323 their 846 sick 732.
Mat 15:32Then 1161 Jesus 2424 called 4341 his 846 disciples 3101 [unto him], and said 2036 , I have compassion4697 on 1909 the multitude 3793, because 3754 they continue 4357 with me 3427 now 2235 three 5140days 2250, and 2532 have 2192 nothing 3756 5101 to eat 5315 : and 2532I will 2309 not 3756 send 630 0 them 846 away 630 fasting 3523, lest3379 they faint 1590 in 1722 the way 3598.
Mat 18:27Then 1161 the lord 2962 of that 1565 servant 1401 was moved with compassion4697 , and loosed 630 him 846, and 2532 forgave 863 him846 the debt 1156.
Mat 20:34So 1161 Jesus 2424 had compassion4697 [on them], and touched 680their 846 eyes 3788: and 2532 immediately 2112 their 846 eyes 3788received sight 308 , and 2532 they followed 190 him 846.
Mar 1:41And 1161 Jesus 2424, moved with compassion4697 , put forth 1614[his] hand 5495, and touched 680 him 846, and 2532 saith 3004 unto him 846, I will 2309 ; be thou clean 2511 .
Mar 6:34And 2532 Jesus 2424, when he came out 1831 , saw 1492 much 4183people 3793, and 2532 was moved with compassion4697 toward 1909them 846, because 3754 they were 2258 as 5613 sheep 4263 not 3361having 2192 a shepherd 4166: and 2532 he began 756 to teach 1321them 846 many things 4183.
Mar 8:2I have compassion4697 on 1909 the multitude 3793, because 3754they have 4357 0 now 2235 been 4357 with me 3427 three 5140 days2250, and 2532 have 2192 nothing 3756 5101 to eat 5315 :
Mar 9:22And 2532 ofttimes 4178 it hath cast 906 him 846 into 2532 1519 the fire4442, and 2532 into 1519 the waters 5204, to 2443 destroy 622 him 846: but 235 if 1536 0 thou canst 1410 do any thing 1536, have compassion4697 on 1909 us 2248, and help 997 us 2254.
Luk 7:13And 2532 when the Lord 2962 saw 1492 her 846, he had compassion4697 on 1909 her 846, and 2532 said 2036 unto her 846, Weep 2799 not 3361.
Luk 10:33But 1161 a certain 5100 Samaritan 4541, as he journeyed 3593 , came2064 where 2596 he was 846: and 2532 when he saw 1492 him 846, he had compassion4697 [on him],
Luk 15:20And 2532 he arose 450 , and came 2064 to 4314 his 1438 father 3962. But 1161 when he 846 was yet 2089 a great way 3112 off 568 , his 846father 3962 saw 1492 him 846, and 2532 had compassion4697 , and2532 ran 5143 , and fell 1968 on 1909 his 846 neck 5137, and 2532 kissed2705 him 846.

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