Turning A Corner W/ The End in Mind! Day 10

I will start turning a corner now in this 40 day journey.

I am amazed at how and through whom The Lord can speak to us. 

 I will say, as respectively as I can, that these types of Prophets are not voices I usually receive from. However, many  ministry gifts, even those that may,or may not have gotten off, still have very real words from The Lord. 

I believe, I take that back, I know that a big part of the message given in this article in right on. The theme of my post has been the finish, the last days, preparing for the Last Days and Finishing Strong.

I felt led of The Lord to take a 40 day journey of prayer, bible reading, and fasting some thing He has led me to fast. Keep all this in mind as you read these. I have omitted some things on purpose, in order to not distract from the clear message of The Holy Spirit......

The following is from an article (excerpts) in Charisma Magazine.

"You Will Cross, and the Victor's Cup Will Be Waiting"
Keith Pierce began prophesying:

"You will cross the finish line. Do not confuse the enemy's resistance with My assistance! The trauma that you have been in has caused you to stop short. Today is a day to take one simple step toward that line, and you will see Me do the rest. Where the enemy has exploded with resistance, I will explode with assistance, and through the equipping of My name, you will cross, and the victor's cup will be waiting. So arise and shake off the confusion, arise and shake off the doubt, 'cause faith will allow you to take the step that will cause the Heavens to shift in a new way."

Reordered for the Future; a New Way of Pressing Through

I then shared my perspective from what we saw with the bombing at the Boston Marathon. We saw that although the race had been run over and over and over, the race itself was interrupted and changed. It's like something different now gets reordered for the future—a new, watchful eye gets reordered for the future, and a new way of pressing through gets ordered for the future. For many of you who have been running hard, the enemy would love to ambush you at the end of your race so you finish this season devastated and without the strength to begin your next assignment.
Father, we thank You that You have changed the course of the way that we've moved forward in the last season, and now we will press across into this season in a new way.
It's almost like you got to the end, and God is now shifting you into the beginning in a way you've not been shifted before. And you will rerun and cross over in a way that you couldn't have crossed over in the last season.

"You Will Now Move With the End in Mind"
LeAnn Squier began to sing the word of the Lord:

"And you will now move with the end in mind,
You will now run and you'll know the finish line.
You will now run with the end in mind—
It's gonna change the way you move, the things you do.
You're gonna run, you're gonna move with the end in mind.
And all the scattered energy that you've expended,
On many things, many things that didn't prosper,
Now you're gonna harness them like God harnesses the wind,
And you're gonna move them towards the finish line, towards the finish line
... You'll have My end in mind."

"I Must Narrow Your Focus"

I could truly see the end of what the Lord was now beginning. I prophesied what the Lord showed me: "I must narrow your way and refocus that which you need to be focused in."
I saw the Lord taking all the distractions and reordering them. The Lord said it would take a 40-day process to have it all reordered, but I would be able to get reordered so I could see the next end of what He was beginning.

The Lord said, "I am beginning something that will cause you to be established in a new way, and I'm beginning something that will help My people break forth by leaps and bounds. But I must narrow your focus so that what is now beginning, you will be able to see the end clearly. For I reveal the end from the beginning."

LeAnn Squier continued singing:

"Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,
We will now move towards the Omega with the Alpha in mind,
We will now move with the end in mind.
And all the scattered energies that you have expended,
You will now harness them like God harnesses the wind.
And you'll move in one direction,
You'll move with the end in mind."

End of Charisma Article

We will indeed begin to move with The End in Mind!!!!!! 

Help us make the transition Lord in Wisdom and Full Knowledge of Your Will.

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