Who Will Care Enough To Lament

 There are times in prayer that I wonder if anyone sees what I see. Not in a prideful sense or a puffed up sense, but in a way that is heavy on my heart.

I could list the things I am talking about, but it would lead to just more heart ache, because it would start a debate over numerous things that capture mans passion, that frankly God could care very little for.

I have tried to warn people. I have tried to tell people that what they are honoring, respecting and allowing is not of God, or at least, is only tolerated of God, in order to accomplish His Plans and Purposes.

In prayer the other day I was lamenting before God. I looked forward, and saw the end of this window of opportunity, wealthy nations have been given. I saw the waste,the poor stewardship,the greed, the foolishness, the pride, the self promotion, self interest and all the other things that litter The Church.

I saw the piles of ashes that were now worthless. The mounds of wasted opportunity and resources that were given to Leaders in order bring The Gospel to all Nations, and build a powerful spirit filled local church, but were used for other things. I saw the weeping of those who may have given much, but like those who gave before the Widow, they really just gave out of their abundance.

Beyond money and recourse's, the pile of ashes the largest, were made up of  wasted time and talent. Used to build great empires and personal kingdoms instead of planting churches all over the planet. Surrounding the gates of hell with The Local Church, causing The Kingdom of Darkness to tremble and shake.

There is a song I really like, many of you wouldn't like the music, but I challenge you to find the Lyrics and Read them. The song, in a loose way, speaks to a passion for the important things.
It specifically is talking about human trafficking, but very well could be applied to any type of captive that we are called to set free as The Church.

The Song is called "Descending Into Hell" by Sleeping Giant.

I cant go into it all again. I can just pray.

I will leave you with two questions:

1. Do you think God intended for a preacher here to live on a Mountain Top Mansion worth millions of dollars, while his comrades, his own body, die in poverty preaching the gospel in the dark places on earth??  If you are thinking of a debate for this question, or answered yes. Then I lament for you also.

2. Are you worried more about Agendas and Hyper-Protocol, (I am not talking about good protocol, but relationship destroying, us and them protocol.) or setting the captives free?

I decided to post the lyrics I spoke of:

I'm rigged to Fire, and I'm set to blow

I cannot live in this state,
Break down the doors smash every window,
To help the orphans escape

What would Jesus do?
I think illuminate

You know what's "unbiblical?"
That's Jesus sitting sitting in some blackened room
These people live so violated and we're concerned with church agendas

Oh My God

Pure religion says I fight this war

The hidden millions in our own back yard,
Exploited masses
These kids are all alone, waiting for someone

I tell you what's "biblical"
The master came to set the captive free,
And we should be like him,
We will worship and pray, then instigate their release!

I can't see Jesus in this
Pollutes my trust, it fills my heart with hate
I hear their muffled screams, these children terrified

God what is right, I can't stand by and...
I refuse to stand by in this house of fear,
It's innocent kids who pay the real price, in the House of Fear

Take back every throw away life from the House of Fear
Can't live for myself as innocence dies, in the House of Fear!

Holy God Where are you in the dark and hidden place?
How can I sleep when children live as slaves,
These are your people Oh God

I'll pray and I'll move,
Father say the Word!
Cause this is unspeakable, slithering darkness but I'll bring the light
And by the morning they'll all be gone, given the chance to lead a different life

Descending into Hell
Cause these Kids are for sale, we walk into Hell

Descending into Hell
For those locked in a cell, we walk into Hell

Descending into Hell
Some can't speak for themselves, we walk into Hell

Descending into Hell
Even Jesus himself walked into Hell

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