The Great Call

As I stood looking at The Map of The World a heaviness came over my heart.

I scanned the lands that are controlled by Islamic Extremist, Communist Atheist, Vicious Warlords and Evil Dictators. As I focused on the map, and prayed for these nations, my eyes, both spiritual and natural, were scanning back and forth, the burden of it became too great and:

I said to God: "Who are we kidding,we will never reach them all, we say we will, we say this and that, but we can't, how will we ever truly reach them?"

I heard The Lord say: "You are right, you cant, but I can. I can easily raise up men and women from these nations."

I then saw in my spirit, people being raised up in country after country, nation after nation. I saw God raising up people from within those nations filled with Power and Ability. Bringing them, training them, and sending them back in........

Nothing is impossible to them that believe! Only Believe!!!!      

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