*ALERT* Not an *Alarm*

A bit of an *ALERT*. Not an *Alarm* but worth taking precaution. I sense this is for Christians and Ministers, but can apply to anyone. Please take extra precautions when traveling, especially abroad and in major cities.

The Lord has been bringing certain things to my attention through the news, personal experience and a dream my son had the other night.

I guess the "WORD" is to be diligent. Consider traveling in teams of at least two. Ladies some security(for ministers) may not be a bad idea. All ladies should prayerfully consider traveling with a team with trusted, and able men.

No fear. Jesus himself said, be as shrewd as serpents and harmless as doves...

Keep Prayed up. Pray in The Spirit as you travel. Stay close to The Holy Spirit and sensitive so you can take the detours needed to avoid trouble. Again No fear. We serve a mighty God!

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