Miracles Of The Soul!

The upcoming generation wants truth. They can see falsehood and showmanship a mile away and they avoid it. The powerful leaders that are hidden within those yet to come to The Lord and/or Church will not be drawn by odd manifestation, or even displays of wheelchairs and crutches piles on a stage.

Outward miracles may grab their attention for a moment, but it isn't what will draw them, it isn't what will call to the future leaders and believers.

They want,they need relationship with The Lord. They are drawn by true hearts, by those who are real, who understand their struggles, who can relate to their pain. They are drawn to leaders that are anointed to touch their heart and soul. Future missionaries will be drawn out by those who demonstrate the Love,Power and Ability to go in, knock down the gates of hell and set the captives free!

I have seen young people who swear,smoke and look all crazed out,worship with more passion, and heart than almost anyone I have seen. Young adults gather by the thousands sometimes, all covered in tattoos and piercing, that yell the name of Jesus loud and proud.

There has been a disconnect in this though, a chasm that has yet been filled. Discipleship. They are drawn, but when they leave, they have no church that draws them into a deeper relationship, into growing, into learning, into discipleship.......

What can be done to bridge this gap? How do we bring the rivers(to steal a phrase) of this huge group of young adults that worship with such passion, but have no Word in them to grow, and The Discipleship of The Local church that they have rejected, together??

I don't know?? But!! God Does!!! It will be done somehow through miracles of the soul and heart. Miracles of the mind and vision.

Let it be so Lord.

I posted this a few days ago, but I truly believe this book is a great recourse to teach and disciple believers, and to answer many questions of those seeking.

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