Every Stronghold Broken!!!

Is it possible to have love and fellowship all around us, and still feel like we have been rejected or left out? It can if we do not allow The Holy Spirit into that stronghold of the soul and mind. We can be surrounded by opportunity to love and be loved, to serve and yes be served, and never see it or enjoy it.

So many leave a place God has ordained them to be, because although they let God bring them so far, they stopped when it came to this one place, a place where closeness and intimacy is. A place where we can cry with a brother or sister. Where we can be transparent with a leader that is offering an open ear.

How much of what we feel to be others judging and/or rejecting us, is, really just our own unhealed feelings telling us that. Or if there is a real friction, how much of that is because we refuse to submit and change? Even if for a time we have to agree to disagree, isn't that what true submission is? Does not The Word say iron sharpens iron?

I am going to change here and say "I", so I can deal with myself, in the hopes of encouraging you.

Am I zealous to a fault, where I speak, write or act without thought for how those younger in The Lord will see it, or comprehend it? Do I take a stand that says "I know what The Lord has told me", yet do not consider how The Leaders above me will have to explain my actions or words?? Or how what I say may effect Gods plan for them and me together?

Am I so wrapped up in how I sense in my heart how the Church should be in the nation, that I forget that what I do and say may just be taking public shots at the church I serve in locally?

Someone said to me today something like "closeness can be scary". Indeed it can be. Submission for so many of us can be even scarier, especially if we feel like we have had to protect and defend ourselves all our lives. Releasing control can be hard and scary.

Relationship, deep relationship, real relationship, so many of us have avoided. Oh we smile, give a high five, chat about work, so many of us never build beyond that. So, when we do begin to draw closer and open up  we find out that, closeness can cause friction. We find out people are human. Instead of letting iron sharpen iron and pressing on with building relationships (building anything takes time, sweat, and sometimes tears). We fall back.

Sometimes we fall back into silence and seclusion. Sometimes just into the shallow, high five, small talk, email relationships we had before. Sometimes, and this is where the heart of this article is shooting at, we reject others, we reject the process, we reject the building plan, we reject everything around us that is crying out for our portion of love and relationship.

Please don't let the enemy stop you now. Not now. Not after all you have been through. Not after all God has done for you and through you. God has placed, somewhere around you,,people who are meant to be lifelong friends, some, not all, very close friends that are so important to your life and, guess what, theirs.

Will you see stuff that stirs those old hurt feelings and make you uncomfortable? Yes of course. Just do the work of the ministry of love and reconciliation and don't give it your attention. Love on people. Join the group that feeds the poor, join that ministry that pulls on your heart, show up for fellowship events,  and be there. Take good advice, if there is something about you that keeps tripping you up and others,well come on now, let it go already, you will be okay. If it is God He will bring it back in a way that doesn't trip you or others...

Love Ya BROTHER OR SISTER!! LETS MAKE 2013 THE YEAR OF RECOMPENSE AND REWARD!!!! Lets allow GOD TO PAY back the devil for all those terrible feelings that have been tripping us up! Every stronghold broken!! None Left for the flesh or enemy to use!

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