The Importance of Spiritual Focus

The importance of Spiritual Focus can not be overstated in these days of trouble on the earth.
Christians must make a decision, a real decision, to purposefully focus their heart,mind and spirit on The Lord.

The world, and even sometimes the occult, has tainted and perverted the idea of Spiritual Power coming from the spirit of man. However spiritual focus and power are very real and I would say required by The Lord in order to fulfill The Great Commission.

Jesus on several occasions linked The Power of The Holy Spirit and the Power of Faith in a person, both believer and potential believer, with fulfilling His purpose and plan on The Earth. (See Matt 15:18/Matt9:29/Mark 16/2 Timothy 1:5/1 Peter 5:9/Rev 2:13-19)

There are many ,many more verses that that make it abundantly clear that, Our Faith/Your Faith, is the key to all that God does through us and in us on this earth. (See ACTS 1:8)

The people of God in the Old Testament were reminded to lift up the name of God continually. They were commanded to declare That God is Good and His Mercy Endures Forever. They did not have The Holy Spirit living in them to be their Comforter and Stand By.

They did not have Him reminding them who they were, who God is, and how He had a plan and a purpose for them. They needed The Prophets to remind them, they needed ritual and traditions to remind them.

They didn't have rivers of living water flowing through them to refresh them, like we do. They didn't have a Living Faith, renewed and refreshed daily by The Holy Spirit of Jehovah!

We have all these things yet we still need set our focus, especially in the days ahead.

Listen my friend. God has deposited in you something greater than any of us can imagine. Even if your circumstances are hard and all the "prosperity" that The Western Church has over emphasized has not come into manifestation, that does not weaken, or lessen, The Power and Ability The Lord has placed within His Children. 

However our faith will make the difference between whether or not we access it.

The intensity of the focus of our Faith in His Word, applied to specific situations that He has laid upon our hearts, will determine the level at which HE receives Glory to His Name.

I am not talking about mountain moving faith. That is a generalization that has been overused to the point it has lost its punch. I am talking about specific, focused, laser like faith that makes impossible tasks: possible, that causes impassable barricades to be demolished, and impenetrable walls of protection to be erected around churches and believers.

What is it that God has put on your heart continually that you have put off to "someday"?

What is it that Your LORD has poked you about and tugged at your faith for, that you have not dared to believe for or speak out?

What really bothers you that you know bothers God? But, because no one else seems to be addressing it, you haven't pressed through in prayer to get direction or see change in it?

I have a few things. Some I have not pressed in on. Some I have let go, because of what seems to be a lack of success, in using my faith, to receive for myself and my family.

Disappointment has taken many strong ones down.

I will share something that The Lord will not let me drop. I know with all my heart that The Lord wants to demonstrate His Dominion through His Church and His People. I know He wants to demonstrate His Omnipresence and His Omnipotence through His People and His Church. I know it. I have faith that He wants to, that He will need to, in order to fulfill His Plan in these last days.

I am talking about translations like with Philip. I am talking about signs and wonders, not just healing. Closed nations swept with The Gospel with no Martyrs, Christians walking through the midst of their attackers, not being seen. Would be killers blinded and confused. Armies turning on themselves. The most broken minds and souls renewed, restored and refreshed with wisdom.

There are more than sufficient examples in The Word ,both Old and New Testament, to give us an arsenal of promises to believe for in these troubling times.

Both in The Old and the New Testament people were raised from the dead.

Jesus gave us two examples so that we would have no excuse to say, that isn't possible. The Madman of the Gadarenes and Lazareth. We can have faith that God will heal even the most broken body. Lazareth was dead for days, his body already rotting, yet Jesus looked up to Heaven gave glory to God and Lazareth was restored to wholeness.

We can believe for the most broken body to be healed, even unto the most crippled, even unto death. But it will not just happen, we must have focused, real faith for it.

The man with the Legion is an example of The All Powerful Authority of Jesus. No matter what demonic or mentally ill challenge is set before us in ministering Gods Love and Grace, we have no excuse to think for a moment that it is not possible. There is no mental illness that can not be destroyed. There is no demonic possession that can not be driven out and there is no filth or brokenness of man, that can not be restored and made perfectly clean and whole!!!!!!

Oh, but it will take your faith, partnering with The Holy Spirit in you. And a determination that God will do what He says He will do!

Will you be called to walk in all these things. I don't know, probably not. But you know that there are things God has prepared you for. You know there are things that The Holy Spirit keeps laying on your heart. You know there are impossible situations that He has drawn your attention, to over and over.

They may not seem to be on such a grand scale as taking the nations, but if He is trying to get you to fully operate in faith, and APPLY that faith continually, in that area He keeps showing you, then it may be, scratch that,  IT IS a key component to Him getting His Word, His Power and His Name into that situation.

I pray that The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of your understanding, and mine, so that we can fully operate in, and apply our Faith so that His Power can be released!!

May His Will can be done, so that His NAME will receive glory on Earth as it is in Heaven!!

My next post, if The Lord allows, will be on the dangers of ignoring what God has called you to do and be. The Dangers of Being Spiritually Unfocused.

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