Restoration!(Small Edits)

From Addiction to PTSD. There is coming gifts to The Body that will arise with an anointing to RESTORE and heal the deepest part of the soul.

To restore, to its original design, the systems and chemicals that have been put into a state of dis-order and malfunction. An anointing that will actually heal the physical soul, not just dull it with drugs.

God is able and willing!! We will see the greatest miracles we have ever seen. We will see lives,families and generations changed! The healing of a cripple in a wheelchair is indeed a wonderful thing.

However, the physical RESTORATION of The Entire Soul!! Oh that will cause lives to be changed, families to be healed and generational curses to be destroyed in the life of a believer and be a sign of The Love and Truth of God in Christ, to the unbeliever!

We have not fully seen the manifestation of what Psalm 23 means when The Lord says He will RESTORE OUR SOUL!!!

We have not fully understood the significance of that word RESTORE!

RESTORE! Like the abuse never happen!!
RESTORE! Like the addiction never took deep root!!
RESTORE! Like the enemy never gained that horrific stronghold!!
RESTORE! To its' original design!!!

We have told people that once they are addicted they will always be. LIE!
We have told people that they never really graduate from recovery. LIE!!
We have told people that recovery must be a long process, and the scars will always remain.


He Shall Restore! He shall show Himself stronger,mightier and more able than any devil that has bound His Children and His People!
Psalm 23:3
He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name’s sake.

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