A Declaration of Thanksgiving!

Father, I thank YOU in Jesus Name, for releasing in Your People an anointing to heal those bound.

Spirit,Soul and Body!

Specifically Father:
Thank you for an Anointing to Heal and Restore to Perfect Function and Harmony these systems:

The Central Nervous System
The Endocrine System
The Enteric Nervous System

I thank you Father for The Fruit this ministry will bring. The Freedom it will bring to your people. I thank you for a revelation of the original intent of these systems in the body before The Fall.

I thank YOU Father, In Jesus NAME, for The thousands, tens of thousands and even millions of people who have never known real peace, full peace, because of disorders and dis-unity in these systems of the body, that will soon be healed and know it!

You did not create them in disorder. You created them to function in perfect unity.
You are the restorer of our souls!!!!!

Oh I see it now!! The Children of God who are already perfected in the spirit man, being released and set free! Able to do exploits like never before. A perfect spirit man, with the use of a perfectly functioning communication system in their body!!!

Like those at The Tower of Babel, except moving in The Will of God, nothing will hinder them. There will be no schism in their heart because the functions of their body will be operating in unity! Whatever they set their mind to do, in Jesus name, they will be able to do.


I had a dream several years ago, before I took this journey of my own troubles and pain. Before The Lord really began to speak to me about the healing He wanted to bring to His People. Healing of The Soul.

He showed me that even though His children may be free in the spirit and even walking in His Word at a level of freedom, so many have not ever known real freedom as He so longs for them to know.

So many are kept bound, by the communication systems of their body.

How can a child of God be led in His spirit and be led by peace, if The Enteric Nervous System in his gut, the place we tell them to be led by the spirit in, is sending mixed signals?

How can I be led, if my gut is full of butterflies? How can I walk in clarity, if the major communication systems of my body are sending different messages, not working in unity, not functioning in unity with my spirit man?

Yes I know about the renewing of The Mind through the Word. I am not speaking to that right now. I am speaking to physical healing. A physical healing that will require a powerful anointing and will be a sign and wonder in these last days.

Oh my friend, I know this may seem confusing. But, the fruit will be the explanation.
Peace, Unity and clear communication between every part of our being!!!

I ask that those who read this that have healing gifts in them to ask The Lord for a revelation of this and believe for it to manifest.


This was the dream:

I was walking up and down what seemed to be an Alter Call, but I was not in a church. It seemed I was walking in a place in the spirit. There was a line of people, but again they did not look like people.

They appeared as pillars of light with a round light for a head. I walked up and down the row and when I got to one that seemed to be in disarray, I would stop. The rest of the "people" were a glowing steady light, but there were those that were shaky, in disorder, they were not giving off a peaceful light, but a light that more resembled an unstable electrical current.

At these I would wave my hand toward them, and they would be restored to a calm glowing light.

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