Am I Ready? Are We Ready?

I have read many books over the past year about the lives and sermons of Great Evangelist and Teachers. This one, that I just started reading is different. It is The Autobiography of Charles Finney.

It is hard to explain. It is like I am reading about how The Holy Spirit works and operates. How He performed miracles, led sinners to salvation, and melted the most hardened heart: Not the man the book is about.

There is something profound about this book. It isn't written in a way I usually enjoy, the wording is language from the 1700's, but God is in every word.

I believe the anointing associated with what I am reading is already starting to operate. I am a bit nervous to be honest.The anointing started to flow in a small post office today that was packed.

The warm oil was upon my face and bubbling in my spirit man, would I have been ready if,like with Charles Finney, The Holy Spirit brought that whole room to The Throne and they began to repent and ask what they must do??

We pray for times like that, we have believed for it again for years...

I want to be obedient and not run. When the rubber hits the Road will I be able to handle it???


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