A Pastor in this area asked the following question on  his Facebook page. I felt led to post it here and my response to it. Very significant question for us and The Church in the world:

Pastor Joe Coudriet asked on his wall: What is The Pressure that will move you in 2012?
My answer was:

The pressure of a closing age and still far to many powerless churches preaching a powerless message to a generation that NEEDS The Full Gospel preached. The millions stuck behind the walls of Burma and North Korea. The millions that will have those walls removed by God so The Gospel can go forth in POWER AND TRUTH! Seeing the cross of the Pope and the Cross of Columbus laid down and The Cross of Christ lifted up! :)
My next post will be a mix of psalms and poems that I feel The Lord has ordained for this year. Most will be ones I have posted before, but carry a special significance now.


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