Resist or Persist?

Once again a project my son is doing for school is my inspiration today. I believe my son has been given some prophetic gifts in the same way I have and the same way my dad has.

The dreams he has and the way some of his creativity is expressed is powerful to me at times, in the way I see the Lord speaking through them.

To the right is another poster he made. As I looked at it the words "Are we to resist or persist in the coming days??"

When I began to write this I was sure of the answer, resistance seems like rebellion, so my conclusion was: We are to persist, not resist the coming "New World Order".

However the Lord began to speak to me,and  is even now as I type. There is a reason why many in  my sons generation, the teenagers He is grooming for service, have a stick to your guns, resist the enemy,almost militant attitude toward the things of God. They may not get things just right, they may not hit the mark when it comes to keeping away from some sins of the flesh, but like a generation of Davids, they are warriors for The Lord!.

They not only have a heart to resist lies and evil, they have a heart to persist even through the coming darkness. They don't need prosperity to a fault in order to be soldiers for The Kingdom. They don't need plush surroundings and a comfortable environment to serve The King. They are being prepared to carry the torch for The Lord through the dark days to come. They are being groomed to be light bearers for The Lord.

I see in my son and the many teenagers I have observed at Christian Heavy Metal concerts, an amazing heart for The Lord. A rough, unrefined attitude that proudly declares Jesus as Lord, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of it. They don't buy the errors and lies so many in previous generations have. They see right through charlatans. They want The Love and Power of God and could care for little more. They have a heart for missions and hurting kids in other nations. I love it, and it brings tears to my eyes.

I will end by offering up Thanksgiving to The Lord for all those He is preparing in this young generation. All those that we see serving now and all those that He is keeping hidden, so they will learn from him, and then be released into The Body and The World.

Thank You Father!! In Jesus Name

My next post will be a dream my son had, with a picture from a The Cover of a Book from Buck Stephens. My son had the dream before The Book was out, I believe the picture he saw in his dream, was a confirmation of a Word from a seasoned saint and prophet, and a young 16 year old that seems to have a prophetic gift.

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