The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. The Church should consider this. Could it be said that as a church thinks in her heart so she is? 

Are we laying burdens on peoples shoulders that they were never meant to carry, and calling it "testing" or "trial". Are we losing called,equipped and anointed ministers, because the bar we are setting is our own, and not Gods? 

There comes a time, when, although we respect and honor our leaders, we have to stand on what The Lord has called us to be and what He has spoken to us clearly. If we don't ,then we have put our destiny ,and our call ,in the hands of other people instead of Gods.

 This can be a hard thing to do. We do not want to do it out of frustration or anger. We must be sure that our stand is not against our leaders, but instead on what we know The Lord has called, and commissioned us to do. We must keep our heart pure and close to The Lord.

 I have learned that when I begin to pull away from serving in the church, I have to check my heart. That is a good way to tell if your stand of faith and on Gods call, is becoming a stand against the leaders you are serving under.

Know this, that God is not an impersonal God ,that is constantly putting us through test and trial, with no season of rest and abundance. With no season of reaping answered prayers that bless our heart and our loved ones. He is a good and caring Father. He is a faithful and well able God in whom all things are truly possible.

He sees your heart. He knows every tear that has fallen from your eyes. He sees your faithful plodding and your times of stumbling and trial. He is ready to pour His blessing and harvest on you. 

So if you feel like you have been under and endless burden of test and trail. Check what you have been thinking in your heart about our God. Look to The Cross of Christ and see that HE took it all, so you didn't have to carry that burden any longer.

And if you know that you are called and set apart as a ministry gift to The Body and the world, stand on what The Lord has spoken to you, no matter who or what tries to make you step off  it.

Isn't that just another test you ask? Sure, I guess, but an easy one. Just purpose in your heart to agree with God and not with man or the enemy. It is as easy as choosing to stand up or sit down. 

The church and the world can't afford to lose anymore ministers that God has sent with fire in their hearts, to accomplish His will. Too many churches in too many places are quenching The Spirit of God, by quenching the Prophets and Evangelist sent to do His will on earth.

Far too many churches are moving toward softening the message of The Cross, The Blood and The Power of The Spirit, to make services more user friendly. We have enough comfortable palaces in this nation as Pastors in other nations die for the Gospel and scrounge up every penny in order to feed and protect children.

 What we need is training grounds in The Word and The Spirit in order to train powerful ministers and Pastors to take The Gospel of POWER to The Nations. 

 So please, Oh mighty Man or Woman of God. Don't be quenched. Don't sit down! STAND! AND HAVING DONE ALL TO  STAND!!! STAND


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