Be Well!

When He pulled His hand away from me my spirit cried. My soul failed and my legs could not stand. Yet He was always with me and His return brought understanding.

This is a wonderful day. This is a blessed day. This is a day The LORDS hand will be seen and His voice heard on the earth. To some His arm will be revealed!
He silences the voice of the accuser and destroys the armies that come against you.
He is a mighty and powerful God that created all things and in whom and for whom all things exist.
He embraces when others judge and cast off. He listens when others have already stopped listening. He cares when all have abandon.
He upholds us and comforts us. He guides us and guards us. He understands when no one else does. He brings to life what seems dead.

He is a warrior King....A warrior God...who calls His servants to carry a flaming sword into the dark lands on earth and in hearts.
Jesus not only performed amazing miracles but bids His fellow heirs to do the same.
He calls you to take peoples...tongues and tribes back to His throne while others hide with their own.
He bids you to walk with Him on the water as others cower in the boat. He calls you to knock down hells gates as others hide behind golden walls.
Jesus not only will heal your disease but will empower you with the same power to heal others in His name.
He is The Almighty GOD....He Is JESUS!!!!!!
He is The Alpha..The Omega. The Beginning and The End.
He is Healer..Deliverer. Advocate..Strengthener...Protector..Provider..Friend..Father...LORD and Savior

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