The Root

This root was once a beautiful flower that bloomed year after year. However it was growing on the back side of our neighbors shed in an unseen area that no one could see and no one ever took care of. We could see it from our back yard, but no one else could.

So year after year my wife would ask if I would ask the neighbor if we could dig it up and replant it, so we could take care of it and put it in a nice garden. Two years ago we got new neighbors and I finally agreed to ask, or she ask, I can’t remember.

Well the neighbor didn’t care at all, so we dug it up and planted it in our garden. We took really good care of it. It was all for nothing. Almost immediately it began to die. No matter what we did, it didn’t work.

This dead root is what is left of it. Now instead being able to enjoy looking at it every year, it is forever gone.

The Lord really spoke to me through this about discernment and prayer. When things, people or whatever need to be left right where they are, even if it doesn’t look like they are in a place they should be. If they are flourishing and blooming every year, should we really uproot them, in order to replant them in a more visible comfortable place?

And concerning things and even ministers that we covet to see on “our land”, are they really meant to be there, or can we draw them in, just to see them wither on our vine because we wanted them so badly?

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