My Heart Is Heavy

My Heart has been heavy tonight, my spirit searching for the Pastors and Missionaries that are serving in the hard places of the earth. I want to weep for them, intercede for them, however I find witin myself a struggle.

From the deepest part of my spirit man there is a righteous indignation that I can not find a way to express that doesnt cross the lines of protocol and submission. So I will just ask the questions that stirs in me everytime I see a plea from a Pastor or missionary to send recources or food to hurting and dying brothers and sisters in Christ. The questions that stir in me when I see a minister that can in a moment be killed for his service using all his faith to get shelter for orphans food for the starving or clean water for a dying community of believers.

The One Question that burns in me, that burns so red hot at times that it is hard not to get in the flesh and lash out at what I see is a great SIN and injustice.

The question I pose to you, and I wish not to have argument or discussion, you answer the question for yourself, whatever the answer may be, is the answer for you, and that is okay. The question is:

Is It Right?

That Churches in the dark places of the Earth have  little recourse's to help children not die in the dust, while a Pastor in America feels a $10,000 gold watch is a must?

Is It Right?

For Christian Leaders in nations that are full of violence and hate, to have to scrounge for a house, while ministers in America live in mansions, have yachts and buy $10,000 wardrobes for their spouse?

Is It Right? Do YOU Think It was Gods Plan?

That most of "the kingdoms wealth" is in the hands of Ministries that need it the least, serving in the freedom and comfort of The United States, buying sports cars and huge estates? Wearing jewelry and clothes that are worth a fortune,  while throwing some pennies at their starving brothers misfortune? Is that right?

Did The Lord decide that He liked us more, to make us wealthy and fat giving a safe land to dwell, while missionaries and Pastors plead for money to build just one more well, to save one more child? And what is this I see, a  $2,000 suite asking me from a TV, to sew a "faith seed"?

Is that right?
Could it be right?

That The Lord loves us so much more, that He supplies us million dollar light and sound systems, Cathedrals of Glass and fine wood doors?

Is it right?
Could it Be Right?

That laying in the closet,in the drawers and in the bank accounts of  Prophets, Pastors,Evangelist and Teachers, there is enormous wealth tied up in un-needed and overpriced, clothes,jewelry, boats,cars and multi-million dollar estates, some literally have watches that could build two wells and save hundreds of lives etc..etc...etc. All of which would be enough recourse to win a continent for Christ by building churches, supporting evangelist and Pastors, and all of which will be a pile of ashes soon. Some are inserting Judas and the perfume reference right about now, well, you are not Mary, I am not Judas, and your watch isn't glorifying Jesus or preparing Him for burial!!

Let this speak to you.

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