----------------------Brace for a Birth Pang

This came stirring in my spirit

"Brace for a Birth Pang"

This poem fits well with that!
It is from about 16 years ago

It is a little past noon
And I am writing, because His return is soon

I feel it in my heart, I see it in my dreams

To those who corrupt this world of ours
You better repent, for these are your last hours

And to those who are saved, In the Name of The LORD
Rejoice and go on delivering His WORD!

Teach those who were never taught
Put The LORD in their every thought

Teach the children to glorify His name
For if they don't learn we are to blame

Resist Satan's temptation, he is like a hook
Trying to snag you away from The LORDS BOOK

Satan will try and try, but never give in
Because you have the power to beat the temptation of sin

So obey The LORDS WORD, He never lied
Believe in HIM, and you wont be denied!

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