The Masters Command

Even if the storm doesn't calm right away.
If you are bound to HIS WILL,
You will navigate the rough waters just fine!

But thanks be to God,
That we do indeed have The Master in us and for us!
And at His Word, and His Name,
The wind and the enemy must clear the way for The Will of The LORD!

Praise The Name of Jesus!!!

Even if the sound of the wind
And the smashing of the waves
Causes you to cry out to The LORD
He is a Loving and Powerful God
And His Spirit will rise up within you
And command the enemy and the wind
To clear the way for The Will of The Lord!!

Praise The Name Of Jesus!!!

So remember when the winds
Of circumstances begin to blow
And the buffeting waves
Of the enemy's lies begin to flow
Jesus Christ your LORD
Is in command of your boat!
And you will arrive

Praise The Name Of Jesus!!!!


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