Eye Has Not Seen...(IS.64)

There are specific times in Gods plan
Like The Exodus, The Birth of Christ and the Creation of Man

That The LORD God Almighty Reveals His Glory
Reveals that He stands, not in time, but in His very own eternity

The LORD reveals, that in His Word
He Has given Himself authority to rule as LORD

He is not bound by the whims of man
And against His council, no argument can stand

There is a time set apart in His Will
That every voice will be quieted, every accusing mouth stilled.

The Last Days ,The Latter Days, The Fulfillment of All Things
The Revealing of His sons and daughters, The Time Creation Will Sing

This time is labeled with many names
But it is really just The Time..That Jesus Christ Begins to Rule and Reign

A great revealing of His Sovereignty and Might
Against all the enemies of God and Man He will wage The Righteous Fight

So get in your place , Oh warriors of The Lord
What is about to be revealed in you, will shake the world

He will use your tongue to smash the lies
To proclaim the Gospel, and to Save Lives

He will use your hands to heal the sick and help the poor
No eye has seen, nor ear heard, what He has in store

He will use your life to show His Grace and Power
To demonstrate His Love,Provision, and Truth in this, His finest Hour

Ask of The LORD expecting to receive
Miracles,Signs and Wonders are coming...ONLY BELIEVE!

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