Friday, December 7, 2007

Lets All!!!!!!!

Lets all walk in the way of light
Lets never give up fighting the good fight

He is our strength in our time of need
And in our time of lack, He provides us the seed

Lets all strive to be like Him
Lets all cast aside the burden of sin

He is our our bridge across sins rift.
A burden which only He can lift

Lets all sing praises to His name
Lets all thank Him for removing our shame

He the lamb who spilled His blood
That washed us clean with His love

Lets all lift our heads, for the return of The Lord
Lets all yearn to see His Kingdom, in this world

He is the glory, the power The King
And at His return, all of creation will sing.

Faith, Love,Power,Might

Jesus,The Way,The Truth, and The Light
Giving us all the power to live,The New Creation Life

Faith,Love and The Blood
Power, Authority and The Holy Spirits Flood

Oh the wonderful is the love of Christ
A love that produces power and might.
Jesus, Jesus, oh the power in that name
Every knee must bow, every opposing force, becomes lame
When the enemy comes in like a flood
His attack is dried up, by The name, and The Blood
Praise the name of Jesus, He is worthy
Praise Him until your eyes see the victory
Praise Him when the night seems long
Praise Him until those feeble limbs are strong
Praise Him for The Blood He shed
Praise Him and declare, all the works of sin, to be dead!
It can't be expressed with words alone
So, with The Blood, and with praise, approach His Throne
Stand in the presence of The Lamb that was slain
And in the presence of The Father who will strengthen you again
Praise Him at His throne of glory and grace
There He will give an abundance to win this race
Jesus,Jesus,Jesus...Thank You
Jesus,Jesus,Jesus...Thank You