The Mercy Seat

How precious is that Blood, on the mercy seat
That forever, and perpetually, speaks of sins defeat.

Oh how that Blood cries out, to all the redeemed
That they are forever purified, and thoroughly cleaned

And when the enemy tries to make us draw back, and cower
That Blood cries out MUCH, MUCH LOUDER.

When the enemy cries, guilt and shame
That Blood has only one thing to proclaim.

That the Blood of Christ, has made you whole
Giving birth to your spirit, and restoring your soul.

Oh, that Blood, that answers every accusation
Oh how complete, was its work, in our redemption.

Let that Blood be your only defense, against the enemies lies.
It is the only answer to which he has no reply.

Oh the peace that is realized, when the saints understand
That it is ONLY the Blood that enables us to stand.

Praise the Lord for the Blood that He shed for you....
Trust in that covenant, and see what The LORDS favor can do.

Because it is only by the Blood, that the greater works will be done
By the power of the Blood, and in the name of Gods glorious Son.

Thank You Jesus

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