How simple it is

As I learn from great leaders in Christ
I have determined, that there is but one source, of power and might.

The LORD has provided, all things for us to inherit
His Word, His Blood, His Name, His Spirit

We have been given all the power, and heavens glory
To complete The Lords work, to finish His story

The enemy is truly defeated, cast down from his place
He has no power, nor right to stand before your face

With a declaration of the blood and a resistant heart
He will have to flee, he must depart

So why is there times we fail to see
Why do we act, as if we are not free

Because all that the enemy has, are lies and deceit
He has no other weapon, to cause our defeat.

So continue to claim, The Blood of The Lamb
Put the WORD of TRUTH, in your heart, and mouth, continue to stand.

Laugh at his lies, and DECLARE THE WORD
Walk as the victor , The LORD has made you, in this world.

Because By The BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and THE WORD of His TRUTH.
The Father in heaven, will do miracles for, and through, YOU!


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