Mankind Is Looking For A Safe Place

I want to start this post by saying that this message is so deep within  my heart right now. It comes from a place where deep roots run. I know there is no way I can express the anointing and sense of importance that is pressing on my spirit. This is Part 1. A message to The Body of Christ. Part 2......stay tuned!

 In the heart of every angry person, every lonely person, every person in fear, in depression, in anxiety, in addiction is a longing for true love and a place of safety. Mankind will risk pain,disease and death to travel great and treacherous distances to another country to seek out that place of safety they so desire.

 Even the strongest man , has in his heart , a young boy looking for a safe place. In the soul of every woman, no matter how virtuous, or risque she may seem , is a little girl longing for a safe place in a loving fathers arms.

They may be blinded to it. They may have buried it and covered it with so many things, but the  light of Gods Creative Power still abides in all that we call life, including fallen mankind. Let me "say" that again in a different way.

 Mankind, and the enemy of mankind, has built fortresses of the soul that they grasp, and run to in order to make themselves feel safe. We have created great avenues of sin, entertainment, violence, false religion, lust, wantonness, desire, wealth, the list goes on. We have separated into cultures and sub cultures. We have banded together in tribes and nations.

 From the tribes of the jungles around the world, to the nations of the world, to the terrorist organizations, to inner city street gangs,to outlaw biker gangs, all are mankind's way of being drawn to a place they feel safety and love, no matter how perverted by sin it may be.

 There are so many things that mankind has built in order to create a sense of safety, but the  Light of Gods Creative Power still abides in all that we call life, including fallen mankind, and that cry will only be satisfied by The One that  The Light is calling out to. Jesus, The Lord of All Creation. All of creation is crying out for redemption, even the rocks have a silent cry to see The King Of Kings Return.

 The Lord is about to reach into all the cultures and sub cultures of mankind to call out His Elect. They will feel like a baby eagle being rustled out of their nest, pushed out of their place of safety. The Church must be ready to receive them, to comfort them, to teach them to fly.

We have not been that place of safety, in the way Jesus intended, for the last 2000 years. We haven't been the place where the broken can come. We haven't been the place where the lost can find their way to Their Lord. We to often have rejected at the odd, giggled at the weak, and whispered about the prodigals and broken.

 Not only will we need to learn to see again, we will need to learn to disciple again. The Lord will bless those who yield to His Will concerning what He is about to do, and resist those who will not.

 The Gospel, His Gospel, His Word, His Name, His Cross and His Blood. The message will be clear. Come out from among the lost. Come out from among the wandering. Come out all ye who are burden and heavy laden. Come to safety In Christ and in His Church.

 Prophets will rise up and declare things that will draw a line between those Shepherds who are His Shepherds and those who are Hirelings that care nothing for the lost sheep. Jesus is calling up Disciples and Apostles, Pastors and Teachers that will embrace those The Lords sends through the Powerful and Anointed preaching of The Evangelist.

 Every Church must have leaders that embrace all that are called out of the false religions, the false high places, sinful places, strange places and dark places. The protocol driven, business driven church model will not be able to yield to The Lords Will. They will not have leaders in place and on staff that can freely embrace and disciple those who are wild in The Lord. They will scoff at "The Sons Of Thunder" and push out the young open mouthed Peter that hasn't learned to hold his word yet.

 The Lord is calling His Church to be His Church. Not Pastor John Doe's Church, Not Bishop Subas Church. He calls His Disciples. He calls His Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist , Pastors and Teachers.
He says Himself in His Word that He doesn't call many men that are much, he calls the base, the humble, the unseen. Much different than what most Churches do today. This will change by The Lords hands.

 Open your heart to see what is behind all the anger and frustration we see in the world. Feel the fear of the child before he is seduced by the safety of a street gang. See the hurt of the woman that gives her body away, or stays trapped in abuse, because she is so afraid to be alone and dearly wants to be loved. Let your spirit enter into the hope of safety that drive the migrants to risk their lives to come to America. Look beyond the sin, the anger, the pain, the illness and the circumstances. The Lord is calling them in. Woe to the one, or The Church who rejects His Lost ones.

The Walls

From inside the walls and outside the walls
There is raising up a shout
The voice of The LORDS Redeemed
Shouting let the captives out!
From inside the walls and outside the walls
A song is being sung
Gods chosen, singing in The Spirit
Singing The Time of freedom has come!
From inside the walls and outside the walls
The Word is being declared
Gods kings and priest on the earth
Taking authority, over the prince of the air
From inside the walls and outside the walls
Victory is being revealed
The elect of The LORD


When They Come

When they come hungry
We will give them food
When they come thirsty
We will give them drink
When they come naked
We will cover them,
With The Love Of Jesus
When they come broken,
We will fix their hearts
When they come imprisoned
We will set them free
When they come angry
We will give them peace
With The Love Of Jesus
When they come weak
We will tell them their strong
When them come poor
We will we will show them they are rich
When they come in darkness
We will show them the light
With the Love Of Jesus


From the North, South,East and West
The LORD is calling out to His Elect…
Come out,Come out, from among the lost,
Come out, Come out, and count the cost.
There is a great shout, coming from above….
The SPIRIT of The Lord…crying out to His beloved…
Come out, Come out, from the worlds of men,
Come out, Come out, and Be Born Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a song coming straight from The throne…
The voice of a Father, calling His wandering ones home…
Come out, come out,from the darkness your in
Come out , come out, and be cleansed from your sin
Let our hearts be, one with The Lord
Let our voices cry out what our spirits have heard….
Come out, Come out from among the lost
Come out, Come out, and count the cost
Come out, Come out, from the worlds of men,
Come out, Come out, and be Born Again
Come out, Come out, from the darkness your in
Come out,Come out and be cleansed from your sin


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