Close Off All Escape Routes

As we navigate this life we learn how to protect ourselves from discomfort and harm.
Some of these skills are healthy and good.
Others, however are not good for us, and will cause us to struggle
as we grow in life and with God.

The soul can master building layers of protection in order to avoid reliving 
pain from our past, or to keep us from feeling the pain of our present.

This picture represents a soul that has been so hurt that it has built 
a bear suit of protection against anyone who would try to get close.
Even though this type of unhealthy barrier is not the subject of this post,
I wanted to share it with you to really demonstrate how harmful unhealthy 
barriers can be to our lives.

This post is about the external escape routes that we learn to build in order to escape
from the pain,uncertainty, loneliness and discomfort that life can bring us.

Throughout life, our soul masters the art of escape. Like Houdini , we train ourselves
to escape anything that makes us uncomfortable or that makes us feel like we are not in complete control.

This makes it very hard for us to learn to rest and trust in The Lord.
The Lord can bring us to a place that we need to wait and see His Salvation, but as 
soon as that place becomes uncomfortable we find a way of escape.

The Lord longs for us to trust Him fully. 
He often brings us to a place were we have the opportunity to do so,
just to have us abandon that place for the first Exit that is presented to us.

Depending on how many years we have been running from the pain, and how deep seeded 
the reasons we have for running and hiding are, it can be long and difficulty process to
achieve the freedom The Lord paid all for us to have.

What is your escape route? What Emergency Exit do you look for as soon as you feel

What escape hatch have to built into every situation that God brings you into, just in case He doesn't come through for you?

What everyone of these apparent safety doors have in common is that they are all mirages.
They may provide temporary comfort, temporary hope of reprieve, but they all
just ensure that you will stay a slave to the pain of the past.

Each time you choose to use an escape route instead of waiting upon The Lord,
your strengthen the chains of bondage that surround you. Are you ready to be truly free?
Are you ready to break the circle of bondage and slavery.

Are you ready to abandon all the escape routes your soul and the enemy have created
to keep you from achieving the amazing things The Lord created you to be?

It all starts with a quality decision to seek The Lord.
To seek your own soul and be honest with yourself and God.

Make a list of things that you think are your escape routes.
Do you see a pattern in your life of not waiting on God?
Make a list, make it clear, and determine to abandon every route,
hatch and exit you have used to escape in the past. 

Determine to wait upon The Lord, no matter how uncomfortable
or abandon you feel.

You can do this. 
Get into Church regularly.
Do life with other Christians.
Serve others.

God Bless


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