The Sin of King Saul

Don't let the sin of King Saul steal from you, your family, your church and your community the Victory that God has ordained.

You being obedient to wait upon The Lord may be the path in which The Lord gives a great victory to His People and a great defeat to His Enemies.

All Saul had to do was wait, trust and rely upon The Lord, and History would have been quite different, for not only He and his descendants, but many who stood there with him, and even a whole nation.

In the days ahead we must hold tight to Proverbs 3. Even if people abandon us; Even if the trees don't bare fruit; Even if the sky seems to give no rain in the days of delay; wait patiently and faithfully upon a The Lord. Do not move until He comes with His Favor and says move.

Wonderful days await for those who stand watch and obey.

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