The Lord Sets The Stage

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As I thought about the Lamp stand and letting our light shine before men I wrote this. Rick Renner has an excellent teaching on this in his newsletter this month. Great stuff. His newsletter and some recent revelation The Lord allowed in my heart..stirred this.


I began to see the ministry of Jesus and The Ministry of The Apostles in a different light. I saw The Holy Spirit setting up circumstances for them, so that they could take His Light, put it on the lamp stand in the public square, and let it shine into the one they were ministering to, but also all those who looked on.

As I look at all the miracles that The Word tells us about, each one has an aspect of this truth in it. A need is presented, the stage is set, the onlookers there are no mistake, they are there as part of the scene God had created.

Even the women with the issue of blood, that tried to scoot away, Jesus would have none of it, He wanted her story told. He wanted the people to know, He could not hide what He knew just happened. He set that light on the lamp stand and shined it to all those around!!!
I Love The LORD!!


Perfect Love cast out fear.
Who lights a lamp then hides it underground?
What does this look like "on the ground"?

You are at Church or in Public. You see somebody who is sick. Who is crying? Who The Lord highlights to you. The Love of God begins to rise up in you. Those gifts He has given you begin to stir. The anointing oil in your spirit man begins to warm up, lighting the flame in the lamp of your spirit, that flame begins to glow from within your heart.

You listen to The Voice of The Lord, so like Jesus, you can do what He would have you do, and say what He would have you say, to this one He wants to reach.

At any point in this process before you actually reach out and connect the need with the answer. FEAR will try and stop you. FEAR will say don’t do it, they will reject you, they will get mad, you will look the fool...etc...Etc....

Love, Gods Love cast that FEAR out
Perfect love cast out all fear.

Gods Love allows that lamp, that He lit in you, to shine before that one He wants to reach and to those all around that look on.

When you act, you put that lamp in you, on the Lamp stand for all to see. You set the stage and shine the Light of The Love of Christ to all those who look on.

Read the The Gospels and The Book of ACTS. Study the miracles and Ministry of The Holy Spirit, in light of this revelation.

Love cast out fear. Put your light on a lamp stand in the public square to shine His Light into The World.

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