Faith--Day 35

This is another I found in my Drafts. 

It just didn't do it for me when I wrote it.
Just wasn't "deep" enough for me. :)

But I sense what I write in the final four days of my journey will make it a perfect fit.

The final four days shall be good in Jesus Name!!!!


As I sat and pondered, the ways of The Lord
I could not get pass something, from His Word

Why is Faith so important, so crucial, and rare?
Why does the lack of Faith, leave us trapped in a snare?

This is the mystery, that was hidden from my sight,
And I believe from The Spirit that this is right...

You see when man fell, so fell all created things
Mans being fell from grace, and death dealt its fatal sting

But there were some things present, that the fall could not touch
And therein lies the answers, to my pondering thoughts...

Things that were present, before the foundations of, THE NOW FALLEN WORLD
Were not affected by the fall, Like Faith, Wisdom, The Holy Spirit and The WORD!

So now, Faith is the substance of things Hoped for, but not seen
Get ready to shout out loud, my fellow redeemed....

Because, hidden in this, an ancient truth is revealed
What really is mans heart crying for,hoping, desiring to see..

But to be returned to The Garden, where he walked with The Father
To be free from the curse, and to have dominion and power

Now Faith, is a substance, that flows from before creation
And when tapped into,  it can return us to our original dominion

Why will a mountain move, when in faith we declare, and insist
Because in Faith, in Christ, we are returned to That Garden Mist

Where we are in dominion, over all the land
That the power God gave us, causes His Glory to be released, by our tongues and hands..

We started in Glory, and we will end there to
And by the things that couldn't be touched, we have not yet seen what God will do

Remember those things, untouched by The Fall
Faith, The Holy Spirit...and Gods Word above all.........

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, allow us to freely move, in this fallen world
As if we were walking along, in The Garden with The Lord

And when the Body comes together, moving as one
Those gifts create a place, to stand in the place Adam did once

And that substance of Faith, flows us back to the Garden
Where we walked as Gods Children, in all the Dominion we were given

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of the unseen
And for what every man is longing, is to be back in the Garden, to be fully redeemed

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