Transformations:When God Comes To Town-- Day 28

The first story in this video was played during PrayerFest, at Christ Church in Rockaway NJ, this weekend. It is roughly 23 minutes long. 

Do not miss what The Spirit of The LORD is saying to us, now and here.

The Lord has left everyone of us without excuse to lack faith in Him, His Word and Prayer. 
There are examples in The Bible that leave us without excuse to fear what situation is set before us in ministry.

One is The Madman of The Gadarenes. Unless you have a person in front of you that is more demonically oppressed than he was, or more mentally ill than he was, then you have no excuse to not believe that God can and will set them free.

The other is Lazarus. Unless there is somebody in front of you that needs more of a healing and physical miracle than Lazarus, who was dead in the grave for three days and rotting, God can and will heal them.

The story below is like that for me. We have no reason to ever say that God cant turn a city around and bring miraculous deliverance to it and The Church, through Intercessory Prayer! 

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