Israel and The Timing of God--- Day 30


The recent news of the peace talks will most likely stir up many blog post about prophecy.

Many will be the same rehash of past prophecies, all will only be confirming what The Word has already revealed.

So, this post will be no different., except in this one point concerning how we see this period of time we are in and about to enter.

As the church we want to take this time to be the church. Not to point out all we think is happening behind closed doors, not to focus extremely and only on the shaking that is about to come, because of the pressure that is and will be put on Israel, but to begin to march forward, tearing down strongholds and the gates of hell with a new vision and a new end time motivation.

To march toward the finish line, with the end in mind. Removing every weight,sin and hindrance, so that we can be a quick reaction force and a MASH unit for those engaged in The Great Commission.

This will take some changes in the way many churches train, support and send ministers. This will take a change, a radical change in how churches distribute finances in regards to luxury and top heavy salary structures.

We need to be sober minded, and understand what is important, what is essential, and what may have been okay in the last dispensation, but will not work in the closing moments of this Age. 

This past week there was a change in The Spirit. I know this by The Spirit. Don't take what The Lord says lightly in the weeks ahead. They will be specific marching orders.

Remember what is done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. No matter what man may say or demand.

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