Day 14-15

Some powerful things are about to happen in The Church and The World. 
Divine Protection among Gods Judgment  and Demonic Chaos.

Some powerful voices about to go out. 

Many "Sauls", persecutors of The Church, turning into mighty "Pauls", with Great Wisdom and Influence to reach the Blind,  Agnostic and Atheist. 

Many hidden, quiet voices about to be released from even the most unlikely vessels, with Great Boldness, to demonstrate His Power and Glory!

A spirit of repentance flowing through The Church. True Repentance and True Salvation.


There are some voices that are about to go out!
That will raise in The Body a Victory Shout!
The forces of darkness are shaking in fear!
They know that The Final Harvest is here!
Jesus Our LORD, has risen The Banner of His Word
The Power of His Spirit is about shake the nations of this world…
Jehovah is preparing, by calling His elect into The Light
So they can join His Army, and Engage in The Fight
From the North and the South:The East and The West
The called out ones are coming into their rest!
The voice of The Shepard, The Message of His Blood and The Truth of His Cross
Gleaning the Kings Garden, separating the Silver from The Dross
His name being Exalted, above all that would offend
As The Almighty, All Powerful God…His children He will DEFEND!
This is a battle of His Making and Choice
A separated time for The Triumphant Church to Overcome and Rejoice!

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