Lights!!  Camera!!! Action!!!

This is a motto I have for both the Natural Security of a business,home or church, and the Spiritual Security of a Church and Family.

This is the Spiritual Security Explanation:


The enemy, intruders and workers of iniquity, do not like it when The Gospel Anointing is burning bright. The Light of The Gospel, and The Anointing of a fervently praying  Church, causes most "criminals" to flee and avoid.


If a few higher tolerant intruders do get in, or they are hiding around the fringes, make it known in The Spirit they are being watched. This takes watchmen on the wall, and people with authority, that are mature and spiritually sensitive: Like a high quality HD  Security Camera, they can see with precise clarity.This will cause most intruders to give up and flee.


If there are some that are sent on a higher assignment that endure the first two safeguards, then action is required. Take decisive authoritative ACTION! The Pastor must take action. Once the word is out that your church is a place full of power, full of light, has diligent watchman and takes quick action against intruders, the enemy and others will avoid it more and more.

Below is a great declaration to confess and claim for your Church and Family!!!

I claim all the benefits of His Obedient Life.
And The Blood Shed in Garden of Gethsemane!

I claim all the benefits of His Suffering.
And The Blood Shed, by His Stripes and Beatings!!

I claim all the benefits of His Sacrificial Death.
And The Blood shed On The Cross!!!

I claim all the benefits and Power of His Ressurection!
And The Blood Sprinkled On The Mercy Seat!!!!

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