A Test? A New Set of Eyes

Will you,and your church pass the tests that are coming this year concerning persecution for righteousness sake? There are Christians being tortured and killed for their faith everyday all across the world.

Lets not slap them in the face by failing because of a few harsh words. We have failed them enough by hoarding Kingdom finances in this nation.

Many Pastors and Brethren have died for lack of food and medicine. They suffer for The Kingdom under harsh persecution as Shepherds of The Lords sheep in places where wolves devour from the inside and out.

We owe it to them to stay steadfast in prayer for them. To pray that the wealthy ministers of this nation, and other wealthy nations, will have a change of heart and begin to give their excess to The Poor and Persecuted Church across the planet.

It is not a question of who should have what.Time is short.

What do you value.What value do you put on a luxury car/diamonds/expensive watches/million dollar homes?

I pray that Ministers and Laymen alike, all over this planet, begin to see with different eyes. The eyes Schindler was seeing with at the end of that movie, but before the end comes.

When they see a luxury car, they will see 10 churches supported,planted, fed for 5 years. When they see the Rolex they see medicine and shelter for 100 pastors for 5 years. When they see the multi million dollar home, they choose a modest home instead and see thousands,possibly tens of thousands of Christians fed The Word for the next decade.

Can we see with different eyes?????? That is all I am praying, is that we will begin to see with different eyes. We will see stuff as valuable in a different way. Not that we can't have nice things and provide for our families..

Just that what we value will change.

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