The Puzzle

There are times in prayer that everything The Lord is showing me is like pieces of a Puzzle. This happens to me quite a few times a year. Some puzzle have less pieces and come together more quickly, some have many complex pieces and take longer.

Now naturally, I hate doing puzzles. I do not have the patience for them, and I can already see the picture on the box, so what is the point. :)

"Prayer Puzzles", terrible phrase for it, are much like natural puzzles. It takes focus, patience and trust in The Lord to keep pressing in until He brings it all together. Unlike natural puzzles though, there is no box to look at the end result.

You can see it coming together, but sometimes it is not fully what you were thinking. At times the finished product is a wonderful picture, and other times I have been praying and interceding for something that is not so wonderful.

I felt led to post this, because I am looking at one of the most powerful,complex puzzles I have had in a long time. Some parts are really good, some seem to have darkness covering them, confusion and chaos.

But, I know The Lord is working all these puzzles pieces together and creating the intended outcome for His People and His Church. Both Locally and In The NATIONS!!!

Keep Praying!!!

Keep Seeking!!

He Is Faithful  He Is Mighty!!

He Is LORD OF ALL!!    


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