Let The King Of Glory Come In!!

Pain is interesting. There are days I will never forget because of pain. There are things I will never do again, by the grace of God, because of pain. There are struggles I have with trust, still, because of pain. I still feel anger at times because of pain.

But, I am also stronger than many people, because of pain. I understand, what many others do not, because of pain. I can have compassion, and empathy, for those who others cast off, because of pain. I believe I can walk where others can't, tread where others cant, fight where others can't, all in part, because of the pain I have been through and dealt with.

God causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His Purposes!

Will you allow Him to turn your pain into victory for yourself and countless others?? It starts with you allowing Him in. Lowering the walls, opening the gates, and allowing The King of Glory to touch,heal and love you!  

When the perspective you have of your past changes: The Vision of your Call and Destiny clears up.


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