So That it Might be Fulfilled!!!

These lives are temporary. A blink of an eye. The trouble you see in the world was foretold to us by Jesus. If you are hung up on, and troubled by politics, you have lost sight of The Word and are not fully understanding that a good portion of The Word speaks of a time of great trouble. It shouldn't bother you one bit who wins the next election, no matter who it is.

We are entering a short period of time, that event after event will be seen as the events of the former rain were seen, even the horrible events, even the troubling events were described as.."So that the scripture might be fulfilled".

Think about this, when Herod, filled with evil, ordered all the male children 2 years and under to be killed, The Word says that it fulfilled scripture.

Judas betraying that the scripture might be fulfilled.
The destruction of that the scripture might be fulfilled.
Jesus being beaten beyond human that the scripture might be fulfilled.

Many in the church today can't handle somebody saying, that if this candidate wins or that candidate wins, it was Gods will for them to win.

There are prophetic words about this time we are living in, and they to will be fulfilled.
The world economy will collapse, so that the scripture might be fulfilled.
Men hearts will grow darker and darker, so that the scripture might be fulfilled.

Billions will die from disease,disaster, wild animals, starvation and evils that are yet to be revealed, that can only be described as the veil between the spirit and the natural being penetrated to allow demons access to man....So that the scripture might be fulfilled.

No not because God is horrible for those non-believers who may be reading this.(That subject is a different post)

Now, in the view of all that, how silly should we feel about the stuff we complain about and fight about. How short sighted are we when politics cause such trouble in the church?

Jesus is LORD! All authority in Heaven and Earth HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO HIM!! Lets start acting like it. Me included. Lets start acting like we really believe that He has given us His Authority to use on Earth to knock down the gates of hell and reveal The Kingdom of HEAVEN TO the world.

Jesus will return very soon. He will remove all that offends. Oh there is so much in that one statement. He will remove all that offends. Oh How wonderful that day will be for those who Know Him and have accepted His free gift of salvation.   But Oh how horrible, how terrible, how terrifying it will be for those who have rejected His Grace and chose to openly offend Him without repentance.

 I will end on a note of Hope and Glory. Even as The World grows dark and unimaginable fear and shaking comes to The Earth and the nations of the world. A great light will arise of The Church. His Power and Glory will shine as a beacon to all those who want to come out of the darkness, so they to can receive the free gift of Salvation. God would have all men come to repentance, so He will provide cities of refuge, cities of light.    

You can carry the Glory of God with you into the darkness and lead people out that are grasping for The Lord and crying out for mercy and salvation. You can be His feet and hands. You can be His voice. You can bring His presence, that makes the earth bow down before you (HIM) into the places that the enemy is holding his captives.   Do you want to be His Vessel of Grace as the Floods of Judgement come upon The Earth?



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