Guard The Vision

An organization will take on the characteristics of its leader. It will draw people with like hearts and vision. This is also true for departments within an organization.

This is why it is so important for a leader to delegate leadership only to those with the same heart and vision. If not, as the organization grows, and more leaders are needed, the farther it will stray from the vision and heart that was given to its founder.

We see our landscape littered with denominations and institutions that, little by little, allowed the founders heart, and the vision God gave to them, to get swallowed up by other agendas and other visions.

Popularity won out over Gods vision. Financial numbers and goals won out over advancing into deeper things and more powerful experiences. Natural thinking won out over spiritual. Self protection, over advancement into uncharted territory.

It is of utmost importance that the founder and leaders of an organization guard and protect the vision and heart of that organization.

The path down a road that leads to it being lost is a gradual one and almost unnoticeable to those within it.


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