Read and Receive!!

I was meditating today on how the anointing seems to be transferred from the pages of the books that I take great pleasure in reading. What is it about reading the autobiographies of  Reinhard Bonnke, Smith Wigglesworth and His Sermons, Charles Finney, Kenneth Hagin Sr, and the like?

It isn't the men themselves that reach through the pages and make a deposit in my spirit. It isn't because they were so amazing or great, although they were made great in The Kingdom for a reason.

Then, I began to see something in way i haven't before. I began to see what it was, besides the anointing, that caused such a deposit of glory and maturity in my Soul and Spirit.

When I read the accounts of the lives of these men or when I read their sermons and teachings, the greatest thing being transferred is how they viewed The Lord and His Word. It is the deposit The Lord put in them, the heart The Lord put in them.

The very high view that Kenneth Hagin had of The Word, The Blood and The Name brings my view of those things to a higher level. His impenetrable Faith in Gods Word is contagious when you read His story and His teachings. His book "The Name of Jesus" will cause any Christian, any true Christian, to honor The name of Our LORD MORE HIGHLY THAN THEY EVER HAD.

The RAW Faith and gruff determination of Smith Wigglesworth is saturated in everything that he wrote and taught. "The Power of Faith"  is one of the most powerfully anointed books I have ever read. Every story has a thread that is unique to Him and His life. His longevity and his refusal to bow his knee to anything of the world, causes the reader to go to new heights in their faith In God and His Word!

The autobiography of  Reinhard Bonnke , "Living The Life of Fire", stands as one of the most powerful  ever written about an Evangelist and in my opinion a modern day Apostle. If you have never read it, get it, read it and you will be in awe at what THE LORD communicates to you through it. So many misunderstand His ministry because they do not know his roots. Discover His roots and unlock a whole world of teaching on evangelism, that is really inexhaustible.

Charles Finney (Read His Autobiography) knew something about the anointing,prayer, intercession, that most have never even scratched the surface of. But you can have a deposit of that same understanding that caused him to be a fit vessel, to advance the kingdom like few in history have been able to do.

I guess the point of my post today is: Don't lose out on what the Lord may have for you through these men that He anointed and called to deposit something into The Church today.

Even if you do not agree with all a preacher has done or taught, don't miss out because of pride or spiritual elitism. There is a thread of power and anointing, because of the understanding these men had, and have,  about God and His Word, about Jesus, and His Blood, His Name and the power and tools He gave The Church to complete His Mission.

I pray that he who has an ear to hear, will hear what The Lord is saying. Don't look to the vessel, look to the revelation The Lord has allowed The Vessel to have, and receive fully from it.

When you read books and teaching from men and woman that advanced The Kingdom, through The Word and The Spirit, read them with your inner man. Don't intellectually look for the theologian in them, look for the heart of God and FOR GOD, That He put in them.

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