He is Well Able!

I was meditating on The Word the other day and The Lord began to stir in my SPIRIT four images, from four different areas of His Word that promises us financial supply and blessing, when we need it.

He is so good, to stir in us, the very thing we need when our faith begins to bend under the pressure of current circumstances, HIS WORD and His WORD made alive to our inner man.

I pray that these declarations and images will help you as they have helped me.

                                                      Through Mans Hands!
                                I saw The Lord causing people to give the supply for the need

The Wealth of The Wicked is being Laid up for The Righteous!

He who gains wealth through extreme interest, is laying it up for he who will have mercy on the poor!

We have given! So it shall be given unto us Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running over! MEN Shall give to us. I thank You Lord that people, I do not even know, are being led to give us the supply we need.

I thank You Lord that the wealth of those who are wicked, do not know you, or are greedy for filthy money, is just being stored by them, so that YOU can transfer it to OUR hands! We have had mercy on the poor and needy, and that wealth is coming, so that we can give again!!!

                                                 From The Harvest Field
                                                                      The Land
                       I saw my self standing in Front of The Field Calling out Harvest for the need


Whatever a man Sows he shall also Reap.

I thank you Lord that you have allowed us to sow richly into your Incorruptible Soil. You have given us Incorruptible Seed. You have promised us that our Vines would not cast Their Fruit early, and that our Store Houses would be overflowing with an Abundant Harvest!!! 

I call forth NOW in Jesus NAME a supply, an abundant supply to meet every need and every godly desire!

                                            The Waves and The Waters            
                                                                      The Sea!
                                    I saw the return of The Bread we cast upon the waters!

Cast your Bread upon many waters and It shall Return to You!!!

Praise God!! Thank you Father!! You have led us to cast our bread upon many different waters, upon many different seas at home and abroad!!!

 I call forth NOW in the Name of Jesus a harvest from The Sea. I see supply coming in, wave after wave. Oh glory To God!! I see the sea giving up her bounty, wave after wave..Just as THE LORD commanded her to DO in HIS WORD!!!!


                                                      From God Himself!!!!
                                                                      The FATHER
                                                   I am seeing Gods Own Hand supplying!


He who gives to the poor, LENDS unto God!!! And HE SHALL REPAY!!!!!

And MY God shall supply all our Need according to HIS Riches and His Glory!!!

And God is able to make all grace abound toward us, so that in all things and in every way , we shall have an abundance for every GOOD Work!!

And THE LORD SHALL cause ALL THESE BLESSINGS to come upon YOU!! Blessed will you be in the city and blessed in the country. Blesses going in and blessed coming out. Your health will be blessed, your children will be blessed, your fields, your lands, your pets, your vehicles..ALL THAT IS YOURS SHALL BE BLESSED!!!!

I thank you FATHER in JESUS NAME!! You are faithful to do JUST as YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO!

What YOU have declared, YOU will accomplish! What YOU have determined, Will come to pass!

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